75 years old Antivirus funder and entrepreneur John McAfee, found dead in jail. Read more

John McAfee, the British American antivirus business tycoon, was found dead in a Spanish Jail . The 75 years old businessman John McAfee was charged for tax evasion in US (United States) and was waiting for extradition 

 According to report by CNN , John McAfee was fond dead in Jail cell around One pm Eastern time near Barcelona 

The Catalonia regional government department stated That Jail medical team and guards tried Life saving Procedure After they found John McAfee but they failed 

‘’ Everything indicates’’ that the cause of death could be sucide , The statement said 

Earlier on that day a Judge panel of 3 atv Spain’s national court in Madrid Ruled that Jhon McAfee should be Extradited to US to Face Fine and Charges . 

In the fact of earning millions in income between 2014to 2018 John McAfee failed to file taxes for 4 year . McAfee was arrested in October 2020 after he was indicated in the United States for Tax evasion .

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