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“Aaplog mahila police bulaye” say’s the cab driver in the viral video of girl slapping cab driver . watch now

A video of a girl(lady) slapping and punching a cab(taxi) driver in the middle of the road in Lucknow’s Awadh crossing has gone viral in all social media platform like Instagram Facebook etc. The video, which is undated, was first published on Twitter by Megh Updates with the caption,

“Viral Video: A Girl Continuously Beating a Man (Driver of Car) at Awadh Crossing, Lucknow, UP and allegedly Damaging his Phone in spite of him asking for reason”.

An update was also added to another tweet, saying, “Even the Person who came to Save the Cab Driver was Assaulted in these undated Viral Videos. She can be heard saying the Car Hit her”

. The woman is seen slapping the cab driver in the middle of a zebra crossing, blocking all other automobiles from passing and causing a traffic jam in the video. Traffic cops were also seen attempting to assist in the situation, but the woman continued to slap the cab driver. People may be heard saying in the background of the video,

“yeh ladki badtameez hai, itte der takk koi ladka ladki ko maarta toh fir log kya karte’’

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As the girl continued to drag the driver by his collar and strike him, the driver can be seen attempting to come in front of the camera and yelling,
“Aaplog mahila police bulaye”
The viral video was uploaded by the user on 1 August , 2021


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