Fri, 23 Jul 2021

Here is how Avneet Kaur deals with Trolls .

Here is how Avneet Kaur deals with Trolls .

Avneet Kaur rose to prominence at an early age. She debuted in the entertainment industry as a contestant on Dance India Dance L’il Masters. She may not have won that battle, but her life was turned completely upside down. She’s now one of the country’s highest-paid young celebrities. Trolls and blowback, on the other hand, are an unavoidable part of any celebrity’s life.

Celebrities, regardless of their age or gender, are mocked for little gaffes. Other times, it’s because of their appearance or unusual actions. When Avneet left Aladdin, Naam Toh Suna Hoga happened in a similar way. Dengue fever and other health difficulties were plaguing the actress.

Here is how Avneet Kaur deals with Trolls .

Not only that, but Avneet Kaur made a splash earlier this year when she remade Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s Shona Shona. But, at the tender age of 19, how does she deal with it all? She claims to have taken a constructive approach.

We won’t be able to talk about social media if we don’t talk about it. There are many things that happen in everyday life as well. There are a lot of things that happen on sets during filming. People may not appreciate you or choose not to be your friends at times. There are so many things that happen in your life, such as receiving so much hate, having your pals backstab you, and so on. All of these things, I believe, are a part of your life, and I was always prepared for them. I always had the impression that where there is good, there is also terrible. All of this has motivated me, and I try to avoid using harsh words or making hateful comments. I simply try not to be influenced and to convert it into something great. I deal with trolls in this manner.

“Fortunately, no big trolling has occurred with me,” Avneet Kaur continued. Also, I am fortunate to have fantastic followers who have been loving and supporting me with tenacity even when I have made difficult decisions in my life. However, I’ve noticed that there are instances when I upload a photo to social media. I’ve received a couple of venomous messages. My supporters have always stood up for me, and they respond to the negative comments before I can say anything. They stand up for me, defend me, and adore me. All of this makes me feel special and fortunate to have a group of supporters I refer to as Avneetians.

Avneet Kaur has a fan base of 21.9 million instagram follower and has a net wort of 1.5 million USD as per reports.

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