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Amazon claims to be hiring over 50,000 IT specialists, and a recruitment fair is set to begin this month. Inc’s Chief Executive Andy Jassy told Reuters that the company plans to hire 55,000 individuals for corporate and technical roles around the world in the coming months.



As of June 30, that amounted to more than a third of Google’s workforce and nearly all of Facebook’s.




Over 40,000 of the more than 55,000 opportunities will be in the United States, according to Jassy, while others will be in nations like India, Germany, and Japan through Amazon Career Day. Click on the following link to discover more about Amazon employment openings:

On September 16, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. IST, Amazon will host a free event called Amazon Career Day. “This engaging experience is for all job seekers, regardless of their level of expertise, professional field, or background – whether they want to work at Amazon or elsewhere,” the business stated in a statement.


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