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Battleground Mobile India download .Waiting over for PUBG Fans

Where more than a million PUBG players from India are excited about Battlegrounds Mobile India to launch in India again.

The release date for the one the most waited Game (Battleground Mobile India)was leaked .Ban on PUBG mobile India was imposed by Government of India over risk in privacy and data concern on 4th September 2020.

Battleground Mobile India will be the new name used for PUBG Mobile India for the relaunch pre- registration for Battleground Mobile india is currently available on Google.

Battleground mobile India coming soon

According Abhijeet Krafton (the developer of game ) June 13 to June 19 is the planed date to launch the Game

Where else some reports has claimed that 18th June 2021 will be the launch date Battlegrounds Mobile India .

Abhijeet Krafton has not made any official statement about the launch of the game.

some people are relating relaunch of Indian version of PUBG or Battlegrounds mobile India on 10 th June based on the poster shared by Krafton last moth with level 3 helmet over a source of light . Fans believe that it represent the solar eclipse and 10 June might be the date to release of PUBG

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