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Bipasha Basu Reveals Bollywood’s Unsaid Rules

Some of the “unspoken norms” of Bollywood that actress Bipasha Basu was urged to observe in the early days of her career in the industry, ranging from “don’t become tanned” to “don’t drink ice tea in a glass.” On the set of the film, the actress stated that she was required to carry an umbrella at all times and only sip ice tea from a cup.


Bipasha Basu



On the sets of bipasha basu debut film Ajnabee, co-starring Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, and Kareena Kapoor Khan, the actress remembers sipping ice tea in a glass and was encouraged to drink it in a cup. Her hairstylist informed her that people believe she’s drinking whiskey, according to her. The actress also said that she was instructed to always carry an umbrella and not to become tanned because she was already tanned.The actress remembered a previous instance in which she stated that her then-boyfriend would be joining her on set. However, she was immediately told not to discuss her partner on site because it is a highly personal matter.

Basu had to hear various comments not just about her clothes or lifestyle, but also about her skin colour at times.

“Even though I’m dark, I used to love sunbathing all the time.” ‘However, you must always stroll with an umbrella,’ I was instructed. Now I see why umbrellas are necessary. I was informed that you shouldn’t tan because you’re already dusky back then, in my me-time. “These are some guidelines that I was told to follow right from my first picture, but I never followed,” she proudly asserts.

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