Wed, 20 Oct 2021

A cleaning cloth for your Apple gadgets cost you Rs 1900

A cleaning cloth for your Apple gadgets cost you Rs 1900

If you’ve ever been concerned about cleaning your Apple goods safely, you can now do it with an official Rs 1900,  Apple cloth. In addition to the new MacBook Pros, the M1 Pro and Max processors, and third-generation AirPods, Apple unveiled this cleaning cloth during today’s event (via 9to5Mac).

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Apple revealed a polishing and cleaning Apple cloth last night

  • .The Apple Polishing Cloth costs Rs 1900 in India.
  • The Polishing Cloth, according to Apple, is compatible with virtually all of its products.

The Apple-branded cloth, which will be composed of undisclosed nonabrasive materials, will be sold separately. Apart from the Apple branding, it’s unclear how the towel differs from a standard microfiber cloth that can be purchased for a fraction of the price.


A cleaning cloth for your Apple gadgets cost you Rs 1900


When cleaning your Apple gadgets, Apple suggests using “soft, lint-free cloths” and avoiding “abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, or similar products,” all of which are concerns that this $19 cloth alleviates. Apple claims on the cloth’s product page that it can clean any Apple device’s display — including nano-texture glass. If you’re curious, there is a compatibility list.

The Polishing Cloth is “crafted with soft, non-abrasive material” and “safely and effectively cleans any Apple display, even nano-texture glass,” according to the Apple Store. What is nano-textured glass, and how does it work? This is an unique coating found on Apple’s high-end iMac computers as well as the company’s external displays. Scratches are a real possibility. As a result, using this Polishing Cloth makes sense. In India, the Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass costs Rs 529,900, so an additional Rs 1,900 for a cleaning cloth isn’t a big issue (though ideally, the cloth should be free). However, it still makes logic.

In fact, paying Rs 1,900 appears to be a poor investment. And as soon as Apple unveiled the Polishing Apple  Cloth, Apple fans and customers remarked on it. Whether or not it has the Apple brand, it’s difficult to imagine that a cleaning Apple  cloth can cost Rs 1,900. Even if the Polishing Cloth is what it is — the most wonderful piece of cleaning cloth ever — the talk on social media was that it should come free in the package with Apple’s pricey MacBook, iMacs, and iPhones.