Sun, 26 Sep 2021

Whatsapp to acquire features in future: specifics.

Whatsapp to acquire  features in  future: specifics.

WhatsApp is likely to acquire five additional features in the near future: Examine the specifics.






WhatsApp is working on a number of new features that will be released in the near future. According to reports, the business plans to introduce a new last seen option, a new disappearing chats feature, and a revised group info page. You may soon be able to exchange high-resolution films or photographs over WhatsApp features .

“New chat threads will immediately convert to ephemeral chat,” according to the impending disappearing conversations feature. This can be found in the Privacy settings. All messages in any new chat or group will purportedly vanish within a short amount of time once you enable it.


If one does not want all of their communications to be deleted, the disappearing chats option must be turned off. According to the referenced source, when the disappearing messages option is enabled in a new chat features, WhatsApp would alert users. The feature was just discovered in WhatsApp beta version


Redesigned group info page and group icon editor: A new group icon editor function was detected in Android beta version, indicating that the Facebook-owned business is working on it. When users don’t have a picture for a group, the new feature will allow them to rapidly generate one. You’ll also have the option of changing the icon’s background colour. Emojis and stickers could be added to WhatsApp features as well.

High-resolution movies or photographs: WhatsApp compresses videos and photos considerably to make it easier for users to share them to their contacts fast. However, not everyone is pleased with sending low-quality media. According to WaBetaInfo, the company is planning to add a new features to the whatsapp that would allow users to choose the quality of video or photo uploads. Users will soon be able to pick between a ‘Best Quality’ mode, a ‘Data Saver’ mode, and an Auto mode to determine the quality of video clips they share, according to the report.


New Last Seen option: In the near future, WhatsApp will introduce the ability to hide a contact’s last seen. WaBetaInfo discovered this functionality, which is likely to make its way into the stable version soon. According to the referenced source, the new option will be available to iOS and Android users.


Disappearing chats: A new disappearing chats feature could be coming soon. This mode will be accessible for both one-on-one and group discussions on, whatsapp features.  according to WaBetaInfo. This is an addition to the already existing feature of fading messages.