Captain Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab, has resigned.

Amarinder Singh, the Punjab Chief Minister, resigned today, months before the election, stating he felt humiliated and that the Congress can “appoint anybody they trust.” “When the time comes,” he said, he’ll “exercise his options.”


Here are the top ten takeaways from this major storey:

A enraged Amarinder Singh had told Sonia Gandhi this morning that he had endured enough humiliation after months of rebellion and in-house attacks. “This is the third time, I told Sonia Gandhi, that this kind of humiliation is enough. With this kind of humiliation, I can’t stay at the party any longer “Mr. Singh stated to the press.


“…must go now as I am proud to accompany my father to Raj Bhawan when he submits his resignation as CM of Punjab and leads us as head of our family into a new beginning et all,” Amarinder Singh’s son Raninder Singh tweeted.

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