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Cope up with increasing fuel Price in India. Here is how you can save fuel when driving ..

How to save fuel in India while Driving 

With the increase in price of fuel in India these few changes in your daily life while driving will help you save fuel and help you to cop up with the increasing price of fuel 

Stay Aerodynamic while Driving 

Resistance to wind increases fuel Consumption whether it is petrol or diesel .

Try to keep windows of your car or other vehicle closed  while driving at high speed and remove the racks and boxes from the roof of your car if not in use.

Practicing this on a daily basis can save up to 20% of fuel in a year . 

Services or  maintenance 

Make sure you get your car serviced regularly  to get the engines work efficiency and always  check that you are using  correct engine oil 

If you maintain engine efficacy it will consume less fuel .

Maintain Tyre

Well maintain tyers are important for safe and economical fuel driving . Pressure of the tyres should be checked regularly 


It can help you to save up 2% of fuel consumption  

Avoid Speed bumps 

Ways to  save fuel when driving

Accelerating and the braking hard nd then accelerating   use extra fuel try to drive in a constant speed 

Car pooling 

Carpooling is another way to save fuel and your fuel cost . . share care if you are traveling to same direction 

Remove unnecessary weight 

Reduce  unnecessary things  from inside your car because lighter car will consume less fuel.

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