Covid-19 Vaccination guidelines for pregnant women. All you should know

The Indian UHM (Union  health Ministry) has now issued new Guidelines for vaccination during pregnancy  for COVID-19. The ministry of health said that there is no increase in risk for COVID-19 infection during pregnancy.

‘’Most pregnant women will be asymptomatic or have a mild disease, but their health may deteriorate rapidly and that might affect the fetus too . It is  important that they take all the precautions to protect themselves from acquiring COVID-19, including taking vaccination against COVID-19. It is therefore advised that a pregnant woman should take COVID-19 vaccines ‘’ said the health ministry of India 

Pregnant woman recovery rate form the COVID-19 virus 

The Ministry of Health said that if a pregnant woman gets infected with COVID-19  there are more than 90 % chance that they will recover from it without any need of hospitalization.

 But some may show a rapid deterioration of health .

Vaccination  on pregnant woman and its side effects 

 The ministry of health said that vaccines available for COVID-19 are totally safe and protect them against COVID-19 disease.

There can be some side effect like any medicine or vaccine but these side effects are normally mild and nothing to worry about .

 After getting the COVID-19 vaccine injection pregnant women  can feel unwell for 1-3 days, have pain on the spot where injection is given or have a mild fever.

The long term negative effect of the vaccine for fetuses and child are not established yet.

COVID-19 vaccination for praganat women new guidelines

E registration on co-win portal for vaccination for pregnant women 

The union ministry of health advised all the women who are pregnant can register them self  on the site at the COVID-19 vaccine center near them, or they can also register himself in the online portal Co-win.

The process of registration will be the same for all pregnant women as for the general population.

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