Mon, 31 May 2021

BIG QUESTION ? Masturbation Good or bad ?

BIG QUESTION ? Masturbation Good or bad ?

Everyone in life go through phase where they may have heard some insane things about masturbation not being good for  your body , you will grow hair in weird parts if you masturbate or  your genitals will get small ;or  you will be addictive to masturbation. Well none of these are actually accurate.

Masturbation is not bad or unhealthy for your body . Masturbation in some cases good for your body and your health in both ways physically as well as mentally  . And in some way it is safest  way for sexual satisfaction as there in no risk of getting STD or getting pregnant .

BIG QUESTION ? Masturbation Good or bad ?

Endorphins are releases in your body when you have an orgasm .These hormones  help In blocking pain and make you feel better . The awesome feeling which after an orgasm  occur in both case whether you are having sex or  masturbation .

Benefits of masturbation has been shown in many research

Studies shows masturbation can help in:

•             Release of sexual tension

•             Helps in improving sleep

•             Lower the stress level

•             Improve your body image and self esteem

•             Helps in relieving form menstrual cramps

How much masturbation is normal and when can it be a problem

Some people masturbate on a regular basis like once a day , some masturbate twice a week ,some  masturbate more than once a day  and some people do not do it at all  . all these are perfectly fine or we can say normal

Masturbation only become bad habit or “too much” when  it is not letting you do your job or it is coming in between your social life That is the time when you have to see or talk to a therapist or a counselor.