Mon, 12 Jul 2021

Planning to adopt a dog? You should know all these things before adopting a dog

Planning to adopt a dog? You should know all these things before adopting a dog

Dogs are said to be human’s best friends, and we have seen them prove that they are the best friend that everyone wants. Having a dog in your life improves your overall as a person.

 A dog can teach you how to love unconditionally and  how to trust completely. 

Planning to adopt a dog? You should know all these things before adopting a dog

All a dog ask you loves is care and some time in return to everything they do for their favorite human being .

With the lockdown and work from home situation, this will be the perfect time to buy a dog or puppy and introduce your newly adopted puppy to your family.

 Here are few things  you should keep in mind before adopting or buying a puppy or a dog 

Dog are for lifetime 

In a normal situation dogs have a life span of  13 years so you before buying a dog make sure that you are ready for a long term  commitment.

Which means loving your pet dog even after they are over puppy stage and in their very naughty  and energetic teens.

Research about the breed you want to buy

Before you go to pet shop and buy the first cute looking dog or puppy make sure  you have done a proper research about the dog breed.

You need to make sure the dog breed you are looking to buy is adjustable to your lifestyle and surrounding area.

Time  consuming 

Having a dog is like having a small child. It needs a lot of caring and  attention which mean you have to give your puppy or dog a lot of time specially at the naughty and energetic time of their youth . You have to think it through you can’t just leave for any trip or place at the last minute you have to plan hours before going for a long weekend of any place like who is going to feed your  dog and take care of its daily needs when  you are not present 

Lifetime cost 

Owning a dog can be expensive so before buying a dog make sure you have source of income to make sure you can provide proper food and accessories to your dog throughout his life span 

Pet health care 

There is nothing important about the proper health care and happiness of your dog so you  have to make sure to know a good animal hospital or vet near buy . you have to make sure that you take your dog to regular check up and give him proper vaccinations at all the time 

exercise  need 

Every dog has a lot of dog energy within them which means they will always need daily exercise which means you have to take your dog for walks at least twice a day . 

Now some dog need have requires more exercise than others which is another important thing to keep in mind before going buying a dog or adopting a dog ,

Dog training 

If you buy a puppy then you might have to train it  from the beginning which means there will be a lot of toilet incidence, and you may also find it destroying your sofa, shoes, so you may have to spend a lot of time training and teaching them so make sure you are up for the task

 There are  few thing to get before buying a dog or a puppy 

Here is the quick checklist for your new puppy dog 



Planning to adopt a dog? You should know all these things before adopting a dog


Sleeping bed

Grooming products for your puppy

Stain remover 

You must have  proper food suppl;y and  water bowls 

It is good to have a id or tog with all the information on it for your new dog .

You should make sure to make your home dog prof before buying a dog 

Here is how you can do puppy proofing / dog proofing of your home

Keep your doors and windows closes and never leave your dog or puppy unattended, make sure you have cameras to monitor them when you are not at home

It’s also better you decide the name  for your puppies before you buy or adopt them.

Various dog breed have different price range like in india  in most of the region 

Indian Spitz can cost you around RS 4000-8000 and buying a Labrador can cost you 6000-14000 and pug can cost you around 14000-25000 and so on so make your you have proper budget planned before  you buy a dog.