Wed, 4 Aug 2021

4 most common workout mistake that may be derailing your fitness .

4 most common workout mistake that may be derailing your fitness .

Gyms are reopening and lockdown restrictions are lifting, signalling a return to exercise for many.

Here are some  Common workout mistake

Not having a specific goal in mind

If you don’t have a specific goal in mind, your workout or training will lack organisation. “Just like with life goals, being very clear and specific about what you want to achieve assists you to plan your exercises. Having a specific workout goal in mind that is attainable for you and setting a certain time frame to achieve it in allows you to structure your workouts. It will also keep you motivated and focused on your exercise and objectives.


Training without a plan

Going for a run or to the gym without a strategy, on the other hand, allows you to talk yourself out of it. Gym motivation may be difficult at the best of times, so literally enrolling in a class where a teacher tells you what to do, or using a fitness app that tracks your progress week by week, may provide the discipline you need to stay on track.

Going to the gym without a strategy simply adds to the intimidation factor. Following a plan or scheduling certain workouts relieves stress and anxiety while also allowing you to stay focused.


4 most common workout mistake that may be derailing your fitness .

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Not taking enough rest days

It’s a no-no to force yourself to get out of bed and not listen to your body. Day-to-day life is stressful on the body, and if your body is telling you that you need some R&R, you should listen to it in order to avoid damage and push your body farther.



Practicing incorrect form


In almost all types of exercise, technique, form, and posture are essential. Technique is crucial for maximising effectiveness and seeing long-term effects, since if you’ve got the right muscles engaged, you can start doing them at a higher intensity or with more weight, which will help you grow on your fitness path.