Fri, 30 Jul 2021

4 Natural remedies to solve your hair fall problem in few weeks .

4 Natural remedies to solve your hair fall problem in few weeks .

Here are some common hair fall remedies which you can use to reduce your hair fall problem and increase hair growth naturally 

Coconut oil massage

Coconut oil massage has long been a popular remedy in Indian families. Coconut oil gives nutrients and lubrication to the scalp surface, which improves circulation and relieves tension. Wash off with a hot (boiled-crushed) shikakai liquid mixture after two hours. Gently massage the scalp. Do not rough up your hair in an attempt to remove every speck of oil from your scalp.


Onion juice mask: Onion juice, which our forefathers used to treat heat strokes, is also a fantastic cure for preventing hair loss. 2-3 onion bulbs, peeled and washed Squeeze out the sediments after grating them to obtain juice. Apply the juice to your hair and scalp. It contains sulphur, which aids in the healing of the scalp and promotes hair regeneration.


Fish oil supplements

Fish oil supplements are high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, which promote hair development. If your doctor thinks it’s appropriate, ask him or her to prescribe Omega-3 supplements for you. These supplements should not be taken for an extended period of time or without medical supervision. Intervals between spells may be prescribed by your doctor.


lemon and mix  mask: Squeeze off the juice of a lemon and mix it with 1 tbsp olive oil + 1 tbsp castor oil. In a steel bowl, combine all of the ingredients and beat with a spoon. Heat the mixture a little in the bowl over a heat source (gas burner flame).

Take this heated mixture in your palms and gently massage it into your scalp for a few minutes. After an hour or so, wash it off with a light shampoo. Experts recommend castor oil for hair care since it contains proteins and minerals. It may not smell or feel pleasant, but it has medical properties.