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Food You Should Include In Your Diet Which Can Reduce Stress

Exercise ,mediation ,listening to music , playing with dogs ,a healthy dite are some of the strategies to reduce stress . Vitamins are also considered as an essential component for a glowing skin and have number of health benefits . it not help us to increase efficiency  of  our immune system and boost our body’s  ability to hold out against stressful situations . Here are some  food items which are rich in vitamins  which you should include in your daily diet .

Fresh oranges

Oranges are good source of Vitamin C ,and help strengthen the immune system and lower the stress hormones. Research has shown that Vitamin C  help in lowering blood pressure level  and help in maintaining cortisol level .

Avocados (butter fruits)

Vtamin B are very important for our brain cell and nerves . Anxiety may cause due to deficiency of vitamin B .Avocados are good source of vitamin B  which help our body to keep the blood pressure  down and help with stress relief.


Eating nuts and seed such as almonds ,pistachios and walnuts helps in stress relief as they contain omega-3 and fatty acids  which help in maintaining blood pressure of body as well as  improve management of  anxiety

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