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French Player Paul Pogba does a Ronaldo, Paul removes Heineken beer Bottles At press conference ; Watch

French Playe rPaul Pogba does a Ronaldo,Paul removes Heineken beer Bottles At press conference ; Watch

French soccer Player Paul Pogba in a press conference After EURO 2020 match V/s Germany , removes bottle of Heineken beer placed in front of him

Remove Heineken Bottle in front of him at press conference
Paul Pogba was attending press conference after 1-0 win against Germany in Euro 2020

The Euro 2020 is bringing some Amazing football action on the football field but having some off field action to which are going viral in the media after Cristiano Ronaldo removing a Coca-cola bottle during a press conference before the match with Hungry . now a incident similar to that as come up when French player Pogba remover bottle of Heineken beer placed before him in a Post match press conference

‘’ Players are offered water, alongside Coca -Cola, an Coca -cola zero sugar . On arrival at our press Conference ‘ said the spokesperson of the tournament expanding why these bottles are kept on the table.

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