4 Beer Brands in India with the Highest Alcohol Content

Nothing can be more relaxing than a glass of best quality beer after a frustrating day , Beer also provide many health benfites like it is said that drinking beer can reduce the risk of heart diseases when consumed in limit .

Here are 4 Beer brands in India with the highest alcohol content

You cant call yourself beer lover if you have not tried BroCode ,It has massive 15percent Abv
Fan following for this beer is increasing every day by day due to its high alcohol volume.
If you are new to drinking beer you should not drink more then one.

2 Godfather

Godfather is another good quality beer with 8 percent ABV ,it is one pf the indias most selling beer brands it has a smooth and fresh taste. If You are beer fanatic you must try this beer once in your life.

3 Kingfishers

Kingfisher is a good quality and budget friendly beer , it is one of the top-selling brand in India with a dominant market share . Kingfisher strong beer has 8 percent ABV

4 Bad Monkey
With its unique name and attractive packing, Bad Monkey beer has become very popular now days . bad monkey beer has 8 percent ABV .

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