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India records 85lakh Dose administered, On day one of India Covid-19 Vaccine drive

India on 21June , Monday recorded  85.96 Lakh Covid-19 vaccine doses on the first day of the country’s strategy in which central government provided Free Vaccines against  Covid-19 to all the people above 18 

It is the highest number of vaccine does given since the day vaccine drive started on January  16, 2021.

The figure is almost  2 times than earlier record of 43 lakh  vaccine given in April report said 

Apart from this 61.54 lakh does were administered to people of  eighteen to forty-four  age groups on Monday

India record 85lakh Dose administered, On day one of India Covid-19 Vaccine drive

This occurred on the day when India recorded 53,256 new Covid-19 -19 infections, the lowest in eighty-eight  days , taking the total cases to 2,99,35,221in India . According to Union health ministry ‘s morning update 

On record breaking vaccination number PM modi said on his twitter handle

‘’ today’s record -breaking vaccination numbers are gladdening . The vaccine remains our strong weapon to fight COVID-19 . Congratulations to those who got vaccinated and kudos to all the Frontline warriors working hard to ensure so many citizen got the vaccine .

Well done India!’’

He tweeted on 21 june at 7.48 pm 

‘’ The central Government is beginning the ‘ free vaccination for all campaign’ for all the every indian from today . The biggest beneficiary of this phase of indian vaccination drive shall be the poor , and the youth of the country . All of us should pledge to get ourself vaccinated . together we will defeat Covid -19’’ PM Narendra modi said

Price of  covid vaccine in private hospital 

Cost of  covid vaccine for private hospitals will be declared by the manufacturer .

Only charge of maximum 150 rupees per dose for covid -19 vaccine can be added by the private hospital as service charge .

Apart from this  all citizen of India will be provided free COVID-19 vaccine irrespective of their income status 

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