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Is your data being pwned? Are you part of Data breach?

Here is a way to find out if your phone number or email address has been leaked or not.

With the day-to-day development in technology and easy access to the internet, almost each and everything is connected with the internet in one or the other way, so it is very common to have more than three or four accounts or sometimes even more. With e-commerce sites and may other sites to forum membership and social media, it is not easy to keep track of the website which have our information.

We do not care much about keeping all of our online or social media account active, but you need to worry about your data being breach  ‘pwned’   .  for example, you don’t even care if your orkut  account was ever deleted, you just stop using it and forget about it.

So how will you be able to know if a data breach has affected you in any way or not

When you can’t even remember all of  your own account . Fortunately , there is a website that will help you to know if have  “pwned”

Get” Pwned ” What Dose It Mean

The term ‘’Pwned’’ in now days refers to the situation when once account get victim to some kind of data breach .  It got it name form  a in demand website , Have I been pwned?

This website  ie (have  you been pwned)  help  there user to know if there cell phone number or email  id were  active part of any of  Data breach held online and which website is responsible for leaking there information online . These data may include your password , address cellphone  numbers and many more information.

How does Data breach /leak happens?

There are multiple ways in which your private information is leaked in most of the case data breach in unintentional.

Some of the most common reason for data breaches are :

Selling of information in intentionally

Theft of data storage device  which has your data.

Hackers stealing information

So you should take data breach in very seriously and should do best in your part to make sure your personal information is safe and secured.

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