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Janhvi Kapoor has shared a beautiful photo of herself with a Puppy that has our hearts melting.

jhanvi instagram

Janhvi Kapoor has shared the cutest photo on Instagram today, and you won’t be able to miss it! Janhvi Kapoor, the daughter of legendary actress Sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor, has only a few films under her belt. The young woman has managed to seize the spotlight in a short period of time. Janhvi not only wows her audience with her on-screen talents, but she also keeps them interested in the virtual world. She is quite active on social media, where she frequently gives netizens behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life. Continuing on this path, Janhvi took to Instagram and shared the cutest picture of herself with a puppy, melting our hearts.


Janhvi came to Instagram stories a few moments ago and shared the sweetest picture. The photo depicted her with the cutest tiny black dog you’ve ever seen. Janhvi is seen holding her furry friend in her arms with a lot of love and care in the photo. Her joyous and excited facial expressions indicate that she is completely enamoured with the little boy. While Janvi, who is dressed casually in blue, is seen glancing up, the puppy’s gaze is fixated on the camera. Janhvi put an appropriate track called “Puppy love” to the backdrop of the photo she shared on Instagram stories.

Take a look at this:

jhanvi kapoor with puppy


How much does Janhvi Kapoor charge?


Janhvi Kapoor’s major source of income is movies, for which she demands a fee of 5 crore rupees every film. Her income also comes from a variety of sources, including brand endorsements, singing, modelling, and many others. Janhvi Kapoor is paid between 70 and 80 lakh rupees per brand endorsement.

Janhvi Kapoor Net Worth:

As of 2021, Janhvi Kapoor’s net worth in Indian rupees is 66 crore, or $9 million. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood, thanks to her successful films and acting abilities. Janhvi Kapoor has a monthly income of more than 60 lakh rupees. Janhvi Kapoor’s major source of income is movies, for which she demands a fee of 5 crore rupees every film.


What did Janhvi Kapoor study?


Jhanvi attended Mumbai’s Dhirubhai Ambani International School for her education. She went to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles, California, to pursue acting after finishing her education.


Janhvi Kapoor speaks which language?

Janhvi Kapoor is bilingual (English and Hindi). She previously admitted to having difficulty speaking Hindi in an interview with a film critic, but that she is now fluent in the national language. Janhvi also stated that she understands Tamil and can learn it quickly after hearing her late mother, superstar Sridevi, speak it.

jhanvi instagram

Diet Plan of Janhvi Kapoor

Unlike the majority of today’s ambitious young actresses, Jhanvi is not diet aware and does not adhere to a rigid diet plan. Instead, she eats healthy and avoids harmful foods. Fruits and vegetables make up the majority of her daily diet. Sugar and junk food are two things she avoids.


She begins her day by drinking a couple glasses of water. Juices, bread toast, egg whites, cereals, and milk make up the majority of her morning.



She enjoys cooked cuisine whether she is at home or on site for a shoot. Brown rice, chicken sandwich, salad, legumines, and other items make up the majority of her meal.


For improved digestion, she prefers to eat her meal early, approximately 3 hours before going to bed. In compared to other times of the day, it is a lighter supper that contains vegetable soups, dal, boiled vegetables, green salad, and grilled fish.

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