World Ocean Day, 2021, Life and Livelihood, June8

June 8th is celebrated as world Ocean day,  like last  year due to pandemic  World Ocean day is  celebrated Virtually ,

United nation through their twitter Handel recused people to eat local , sustainably  sourced fish and to do their part in order to stop plastic pollution  . United Nation in there tweet wrote

June 8th is celebrated as world Ocean day,
Beauty beach with yellow sand and crystal clear water in Thailand


Tuesday is #WorldOceanday.

From eating local substinablys-sourced fish to stopping plastic pollution , we all have a role to play to #SaveOurOcean .’’ 

The Ocean :Life and Livelihood ‘ is the theme of this year virtually celebrated Worlds Ocean day 2021

World Ocean day is a cerebrated to increase the awareness in a global level about the importance of Oceans in our life and Our responsibility to keep the Ocean free from pollution and be grateful to what Ocean provides Us

Here are some tips which you can do to celebrate world ocean day 2021

Eat sustainable seafood .

Reduce the usage of plastic product 

Reduce energy concussion at your level try to follow three R Rule 

Help to taking care of beach.

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