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Garima Chaurasia- age ,Net worth new videos , Instagram reels and more.

Garima Chaurasia- age ,Net worth new videos , Instagram reels and more.

Garima Chaurasia

is a TikTok star from Uttarakhand, India.

She was born on August 28, 1997.

Indian nationality.

Garima Chaurasia worth Rs 30 Lakhs in Net Worth

Garima Chaurasia is a social media celebrity, Instagram and TikTok star from Haridwar, Uttarkhand. On social media, she goes by the names Gima Ashi and Rugima. Her zodiac sign is Virgo, and she was born on August 28, 1997. She attended Swami Hariharanand Public School and Roorkee College for her education and engineering.

Family of Garima Chaurasia
Garima  has spoken about her family in interviews but has never named them. Rugees, on the other hand, is her best buddy with whom she produces TikTok videos and Instagram reels.

you can follow Garima on her official Instagram account gima_ashi .


Garima Chaurasia- age ,Net worth new videos , Instagram reels and more.

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Personal Life of Garima Chaurasia
Garima stated in an interview that she is not in a relationship. She has always been concerned with her career and how she may improve as an artist. She also stated that due to her hectic schedule, she does not have time for dating.

Garima Chaurasia’s Professional Life

YouTube channel of Garima Chaurasia

She doesn’t have a YouTube channel of her own. She does, however, have a YouTube channel called Rugima, which she co-owns with her best buddy Rugees. Rugees and Garima are the artists’ names, and the YouTube channel’s name is formed from both of their names (Rugima). They both launched their YouTube channels on November 10, 2019, and have amassed over 357K subscriber so far. They both have YouTube channels where they publish vlogs. Both TikTok and Instgram reels performers recently posted a vlog from Ldakh on their channels. Nawabi, Kol Rakh, Mashallah, Tattoo Song, Ranjheya, Munda Baimaan, Tu Mil Gaya, and Akhiyan are some of Gima Ashi’s other YouTube music videos.

Instagram account of Garima Chaurasia


Garima Chaurasia- age ,Net worth new videos , Instagram reels and more.


Rugees and  Chaurasia used to produce MX Takatak videos on a daily basis. He MX Takatak ID is : gima_ashi. If you are not follwing her till now you can follow her to get her latest videos and posts

Garima Chaurasia has a net worth as per sources.

According to estimates, Garima has a net worth of rs30 lakhs and costs 1 to 2 lakh rupees every show. She also makes money from her YouTube channel and commercial sponsorships. She is a spokesperson for products such as Healthvit Fitness and John Frieda.


Garima Chaurasia on Facebook

Garima also have many fans on her official Facebook  page.  she has over 81k  fans following her on Facebook and over 26758 likes .


Garima Chaurasia- age ,Net worth new videos , Instagram reels and more.

2019 Garima made Tiktok video in which she performed on the song both Hard from the popular Bollywood film gulli boy in the videos she partner with Rugees in the video which  become an instant hit and it became so popular that Garma  got the nick name as bhoth hard girl

She has also appeared in the music videos for Nawab’s Tattoo, Ravneet Singh’s Ranjheya, and Madhur Dhir’s Munda Baimaan.

Favorite Items

Chicken Noodles, Sushi, Chilli Prawns, Pasta
Pink and red are the colours

 Favorite Vacation Spot

Garima Chuarasia is an avid traveller who enjoys seeing new locations, but when it comes to her favourite destinations, she has a couple favourites: Singapore and Malaysia.


She enjoys entertaining herself in her spare time as a social media celebrity. As a result, she enjoys dancing, travelling, and photography as pastimes to keep herself occupied


Garima Chaurasia is a non-vegetarian who enjoys chicken and fish dishes. Her favourite foods include fish, shrimp, and chicken. She enjoys pizza, french fries, pasta, and noodles when she isn’t consuming junk food.


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