Sun, 25 Jul 2021

Mystery cupbord found in Shilpa Shetty’s husbands Raj Kundra’s office

Mystery cupbord found in Shilpa Shetty’s husbands Raj Kundra’s office

For the past few days, Mumbai’s Crime Branch has been investigating the blockbuster adult film racket case involving businessman Raj Kundra, who is said to be the major conspirator in the entire affair.

 The Crime Branch raided Raj and actor and  supper dancer 4   Shilpa Shetty’s residence and questioned them as well as others suspected of being engaged in the case. While officers from the Crime Branch  department still  maintain that they have substantial evidence against Raj Kundra, the Enforcement Directorate is expected to join the case and conduct its own probe.

Mystery cupbord found in Shilpa Shetty’s husbands Raj Kundra’s office


The ED will investigate the money-laundering aspect / angle  of Raj Kundra’s pornographic film scam incident , according to sources. During the normal inquiry, a financial transaction between bussinesman and husband of actor shilpa ,Raj Kundra and a Mercury International Company bank account in South Africa came to light.

Because this bank account is associated to online gambling and casino gaming, it’s possible that income from the  Raj kundra’s adult film industry  will be utilised for online/Internet  betting and casino gaming, and vice versa. Kundra’s overseas financial dealings are likely to be investigated by the ED, and the money-laundering aspect will be confirmed.

Sleuths from the Crime Branch discovered a “mystery” closet in Raju Kundra’s office, which was reported to be  fully hidden.  Officials claim to have retrieved some critical financial information and boxes related to Kundra. The Crime Branch has begun forensic audits of Kundra’s companies Viaan Industries, Armsprime, and Hotshot app as a result of this.

Raj Kundra and technician Ryan Thorpe’s laptops were reportedly confiscated by Mumbai police. A SAN (Storage Area Network) box has also been confiscated. Officials believe the data on the box was erased after the case against Raj Kundra was filed in February of this year. Following Kundra’s arrest on Monday (July 19), investigators believe that further data was destroyed.

Meanwhile, Raj Kundra filed a suit in the Bombay High Court claiming his innocence. According to the cops, Shilpa Shetty has also denied any involvement in the crime.