Sat, 24 Jul 2021

Three habits that can be Dangerous as Smoking

Three habits that can be Dangerous as Smoking

 Smoking has been more popular among teenagers in recent years. These habits become so addicting that some people carry them all the way to the grave. However, there are other habits that are just as hazardous as smoking. We typically overlook these habits, but they have the same potential to harm us as smoking.

Three habits that can be Dangerous as Smoking

Chronic loneliness has been shown in studies to have a negative impact on your overall health. It has a greater impact on brain health.

There have also been studies that link loneliness to the development of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. In India, over 22% of the elderly live alone. Chronic loneliness is overlooked in children.

Sleep deprivation: Sitting in front of a screen for lengthy periods of time also contributes to sleep deprivation. The blue light from a computer screen has been linked to issues such as strained eyes, blurry vision, and even cataracts.

Nearly one-third of all individuals in the country suffer from insomnia, and the problem is that they consider it to be normal.

Poor diet: We all know that eating healthy is important, yet few of us do it on a regular basis. Many of us consume packaged foods, fast foods, and high-salt, high-sugar foods. Not only that, but we frequently fail to include vegetables and fruits in our diets.

Obesity, diabetes, and other ailments are all caused by this habit. Indians consume more cereals and lack necessary amounts of proteins, fruits, and veggies. Obesity becomes more and more prevalent among men and women, especially in cities.