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Mary Kom Olympic Journey comes to an end . Here are all the details of her final Olympic match.

Mary Kom Olympic Journey comes to an end

M.C. Mary Kom’s (51kg) bid for a second Olympic medal came to an end in the pre-quarterfinals of the Tokyo Games on Thursday, when she lost to bronze medalist Ingrit Valencia from the 2016 edition in a hard-fought match.
The amusing aspect is that Mary Kom had won two of the three rounds.
“I don’t know what happened, I thought we were both trying to figure out our plans in the first round, and I won the next two,” the puzzled legend stated after the fight.

In the first round, the Indian was behind 4-1, with four of the five judges scoring it 10-9 in favour of Valencia.
Mary Kom got three of the five judges to rule in her favour in the next two rounds, but Valencia still won the total score.



Mary Kom Olympic Journey comes to an end

The Manipuri won the third round as well, but this time by a score of 3-2 rather than 4-1, which would have swung the final score in her favour.

The 38-year-old, a multiple Asian champion and 2012 London Olympic bronze medalist, lost 2-3 to the Colombian despite giving it her all in what would be her final Olympic match.

Mary Kom Olympic jurney come to an with her  match with Colombian boxer .

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