Mon, 7 Jun 2021

Cryptocurrency ,is it Good time to invest?

Cryptocurrency ,is it Good time to invest?

Cryptocurrency  AKA crypto is a digital asset design to work as medium of trade or exchange . In this coin ownership is stored in a form of computerized database with the help of very strong cryptography to secure transaction.

From last few month the term cryptocurrency ,bitcoin and doge coin are becoming more more popular among elderly  as well as youth , people are  investing in these cryptocurrency in what ever way they can .

Cryptocurrency ,is it Good time to invest?

It all started  when Elon Musk CEO of Tesla motors  few month ago tweeted in his official  Twitter account  that they can buy Tesla cars using Bitcoins which led to a hug pump for the Bitcoin value and almost reached 50lakh rupees per coin. In past few days the price of Bitcoin has gone down.

There are various cryptocurrency such as BItcoin , doge coin ,  Ethereum and may more in which you can invest.

Investing in Cryptocurrency can be beneficial  as it has a good future with the advancement in technology . In Oder to invest in the cryptocurrency you dont have to buy the whole unit of the coin you can invest in some fraction as well like you  can buy it for RS 100 as well according to your budget

There are various application in Google  playstore which allow us to invest in Cryptocurrency  from India. CoinsDCxGo is one example of such application which can use to buy Cryptocurrency  such as Bitcoin, doge coin ,Ethereum ,bit torrent and may other Cryptocurrency