Neighbor’s Python bites man’s genital. You will be shocked to know How

A man in Austria was nibbled by a 1.6-meter python while he was on the latrine at his home on Monday morning. The reptile clearly got away from a neighbor’s condo and crawled through the waste.

The 65-year-elderly person “felt a ‘pinch’ in the genital region” not long after sitting on the latrine at his home in Graz soon after 6 am, the police in Styria area said in an statement. At the point when the man investigated the latrine, he found the pale skinned person reticulated python.

The snake had obviously gotten away unseen from the loft of the man’s kid neighbor
The snake had clearly gotten away unseen from the loft of the man’s kid neighbor

Python bites man's genital

It is indistinct how the python got away from its proprietor’s home and got into the latrine, notwithstanding, the police speculate that it might have cleared its path through the drain .

A reptile master was called to protect the snake, which was cleaned and gotten back to its proprietor.

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