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No mass gatherings permitted for ONAM, Muharram: Kerala Government amid rise in Covid-19 cases.Read more

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government warned on Tuesday that no public celebrations or mass gatherings will be allowed in the state during Onam, Muharram, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chathurthi, and Durga Pooja because they have the ability to become super spreaders of the COVID-19 illness.

The decision was made by Kerala’s Disaster Management Department in response to a Central Government alert to all states about the possibility of mass gatherings during these festivals becoming super spreaders of COVID-19, leading to an increase in infections, according to a notification made by Chief Secretary V P Joy.




According to the Union Health Ministry, all states should actively consider placing local limitations on public celebrations of these festivities in order to reduce large gatherings.

The Kerala government has concluded, based on the advice of the central government, that  “no public observation of festivals or mass gatherings will be permitted during the above mentioned festivals in the State” according to the order

Furthermore, beginning August 12, special escalated rigorous lockdown restrictions will be imposed in Panchayats or urban wards where virus spread is critical and the Weekly Infection Population Ratio (WIPR) is more  than Eight

It further stated that starting August 15, a maximum of 15,000 devotees per day would be permitted for Sabarimala pilgrimage and ‘darshan,’ with virtual queue registration continuing for crowd management.

An earlier order issued by the state government on August 4 stated that only those who had received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine within the previous two weeks, or who had an RT-PCR negative certificate taken 72 hours previously, or who had COVID-19 positive results more than a month old, would be allowed inside shops, banks, and other establishments.

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