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Number of Women file case against PORNHUB .Know Why

Number of  women charged  Pornhub on  7th June Thursday claiming firm operates as a ‘ classic criminal enterprise’ that make profit from content Showing Rape ,child abuse, sex  and other such activities

The allegation claims that Pornhub and its partner companies mind geek are permitting any type of pornography to be posted and encourage people to watch more 

Executives knowingly are monetizing non-consensual content. US district court for the central District OF California filed the lawsuit

‘’ this is not about cosensual porn or negligence ‘ it is about a porn company ‘s intentioonal eectionto include in their business model Rape and other nonconsensual content ‘ 

Said Michale Bowe, an attorney for Plaintiff in an email.

Mind geeks nor porn hub has not responded to the allegation yet 

‘’ the most comprehensive safeguard is user generated platform history’’  Porn hub told NBC News

The porn hub company also added ‘’ the allegations in today’s complaint that Pornhub is a criminal enterprise that traffics women and is running like ‘the Sopranos’ are utterly absurd, completely reckless and categorically False’’  Pornhub said to NBC news

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