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Petrol price Rs 101per liter in Mumbai and in Delhi Rs 95/liter

Petrol price touching sky again Rs 101per liter in Mumbai and in Delhi Rs 95 per liter

Price of petrol in Mumbai has crossed Rs 100 per liter recently but now it has crossed the mark of RS 100 per liter as well and is RS 101.25/liter. In Chennai  petrol was sold for Rs 96.47 and in Kolkata the fuel was sold in Rs 95.02 respectively.

Diesel price also rose in all four cities i’e Delhi ,Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata .

Price of diesel in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata rose to RS 93.30, Rs 90.66, Rs 88.80 per liter respectively

Thane reached Rs 100 per liter mark a few days back, not leaving Mumbai the unique distinction of petrol breaching the Rs 100 per liter mark.

Form last several weeks fuel price have been increasing, Oil marketing companies claims tax imposed by the state and central government are the most impactful factor for the increase in price of fuel.

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