Review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Finally, Android has a competitor to Apple Watch.

I’ve never been interested in purchasing a wristwatch for my Android phone. In terms of user experience and health features, there are a variety of choices on the market that nevertheless pale in contrast to the Apple Watch. And I would hold Google responsible for not developing a rival to the Apple Watch; it was a wasted opportunity.

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I’ve been recommending a Samsung wristwatch to those seeking for one to combine with their Android smartphone for years. Samsung has always provided excellent build quality as well as cutting-edge software and health-tracking capabilities. With the new Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung collaborated with Google to integrate WearOS. When I first heard this, I was excited to give it a try.


I received the Galaxy Watch 4 about two weeks ago and have been wearing it ever since. Will I be able to continue to suggest a Samsung watch to Android users? Let’s see what I learned from my Galaxy Watch 4 experience.


Construct and Design
The lack of adjustable bezels on the Galaxy Watch 4 was the first thing I noticed. It hasn’t entirely vanished, but it is now limited to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. So, if you want rotatable bezels, the Classic version is a better choice than the standard one.

A 20mm silicone strap is included with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It gives the timepiece a pleasant feel in the hand. One point of contention is that the strap does not extend all the way down, making the watch appear larger than it is when worn.


4 affordable TWS earbuds for your new iPhone starting at Rs 2,499

The Galaxy Watch 4 is made of aluminium and is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass DX. Overall, the watch is well-made, indicating that it will serve you well for a lot longer.



The user interface (UI)
The majority of Galaxy Watch 4 purchasers will be upgrading from a Samsung Gear S3 or Galaxy Watch. This implies they’d want to feel at ease with the user interface, but the new WearOS 3 might raise some concerns. Samsung was able to overlay its skin on top of normal WearOS because to its collaboration with Google. This implies that long-time Samsung watch users won’t have a hard time getting acclimated to the Galaxy Watch 4’s UI.

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