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Taapsee pannu slams down attack against Kareena kapoor for increasing her fee to play the role of Sita. This is what Taapsee Pannu said.

On 12 June 2021 boycott kareena Kapoor was trending on all the social media including twitter and instagram this started when the rumor was spread about kareena kapoor asking 12 crore to play the role of sita in an new film

Supporting Kareena kapoor , actress Taapsee Pannu in an interview said ‘’if it would have been a man in that position , who would have asked for a particular amount ,it would have been looked upon like ‘’ iski market badh gayi hai ‘’. Like that guy has really achieved big success in life . But because a woman is asking for it ,’she’s called difficult ‘, ‘’too demanding ‘’ . It’s always like that’

Taapsee pannu describe this behaviour of sexisam i’e criticiseing a women for hiking there salaries .

‘ You will always read about this issue of the issue of hike salary with women .but why not ? She is one of the biggest female superstars we have in the country. if she commands a certain salary for her time , it’s her job ‘’ Taapsee pannu added

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