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Teacher’s day 2021.Pm Modi on the occasion of teachers day.

PM Modi on the occasion of teachers day on 5th September 2021 used his official Twitter account to greet all the teachers a happy teacher’s day.

Pm Narinder Modi on his twitter wrote

“On Teachers’ Day, greetings to the entire teaching fraternity, which has always played a pivotal role in nurturing young minds. It is commendable how teachers have innovated and ensured the education journey of students continues in the COVID-19 times.”



While taking about  Dr. S. Radhakrishnan he  added “I pay my respects to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan on his Jayanti and recall his distinguished scholarship as well as contributions to our nation.”

Teacher's day  2021

Here is why is Teacher’s Day celebrated ?

Patricia Cross said “The aim of a great teacher is to motivate ‘seemingly ordinary’ people to put out extraordinary effort. The difficult part isn’t picking winners; it’s producing winners out of ordinary people.”

Teacher’s Day 2021: When and why is it observed.

Teachers have a vital role in shaping and instilling inner strength in pupils so that they can become excellent citizens. As a result, this day is commemorated in schools, colleges, and other institutions to honour our mentors.


Although World Teacher’s Day, also known as International Teacher’s Day, is observed on October 5th, in India, Teacher’s Day has been observed on September 5th since 1962 in honour of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.



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