Fri, 24 Sep 2021

Assam eviction drive: Protester stomped on as police watch.

Assam eviction drive: Protester stomped on as police watch.

A guy in a vest sprints out towards a police squad with a lathi. The riot police begin fire almost instantly, and when the demonstrator falls to the ground, they continue to shower batons on him. A man with a camera draped around his neck and a scarf half-covering his face approaches him as a stain from a chest wound emerges on his white vest. As several police officers try to stop him, Bijoy Bania, a photographer employed by the district administration to capture the government eviction campaign, jumps on the demonstrator, stomps on him, punches him — and then returns to repeat the process.


The demonstrator had stopped moving by the time Bania finishes. DGP Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta said late Thursday that Bania had been detained and his case had been handed over to the CID. Police were yet to establish the protester’s identify or health as of midnight.


When asked what action will be done against the officers in the video, Assam Special DGP G P Singh stated, “Police would take action wherever there were violations of SOPs and procedures.” “The only thing I can tell is that after seeing the video, we will take action against him (Bania)… there will be no questions asked,” he continued.


According to a top police official, the man in the video had just attacked two police officers, one of whom was seriously injured and is currently being treated at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital.