Watch ; Transformation of stray Dog after Vet shave off 3.1kilogarm of fur

When the shih tzu an eleven years old dog first arrive at a dog shelter  he was looking sick and was having difficulty in walking  

‘Worst matted case ‘’ said the  veterinary team at KC pet project , they have not seen  such a case before .

The dog shelter posted a video in which a brown colored dog who looks sick and is in terrible shape arrives at the shelter ,  A team then worked for over 2 hours straight to remove every single piece of his matted fur from his tiny body .

KC pet project shared the video and wrote

‘ this 11 years old shih tzu came to KC pet project in Kansas City ,MO , as a stray ,and he’s one of the  worst matted case we have ever seen .we can only guess how long it took to get in this condition. One thing we know for sure is that life is about to get so much better for this boy’’  

‘’We removed nearly 7pounds of heavy , matted hair . We never know the condition that they will be in once they are shaved ,and surprisingly , his skin is in fairly good shape’’ they added.

Click here to watch full video

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