WhatsApp users ! Here’s how to avoid being added to whatsapp groups you don’t want to be in.

Don’t you hate it when you get a random WhatsApp message that says, “You were added to this whatsapp group by xyz”? Fortunately, WhatsApp offers a function that prevents you from being added to random group chats by unwanted people. While “Everyone” is the default option for allowing individuals to add you to whatsapp groups, you have two more options to customise your WhatsApp experience.

You can simply be added to a whatsapp group if you choose the default option. It makes no difference whether or whether the individual adding you to the group is on your contact list. You can, however, prevent this from happening.



WhatsApp just introduced a new privacy feature that lets users choose who can add them to random whatsapp groups.

The WhatsApp group privacy settings are set to ‘Everyone’ by default, but you have two more options. In several operating systems, here’s how to adjust the privacy setting for whatsapp group chats.

WhatsApp group setting can help you with that


To access WhatsApp settings, go to:


Tap More options > Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups on your Android device.


Tap Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups on your iPhone.


Options > Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups 



You now have three choices:


1. Everyone: It will allow anyone to add you to groups without your permission, including people who are not in your phone’s address book.

2. My Contacts: This option allows you to be added to whatsapp groups by your address book contacts. If the group admin tries to add you to a group, a pop-up will appear stating that they are unable to do so and prompting them to touch Invite to whatsapp Group or hit Continue.

After that, there will be a send button. As a result, an individual chat is used to send a private whatsapp group invite. If you do not accept the invitation within three days, it will expire.

3. My Contacts Except: It allows you to select which contacts you want to allow to join your  groups. You can search for or select contacts to omit after selecting My Contacts Except…

If a group admin you’ve excluded tries to add you to a whatsapp group, a pop-up will appear telling them they can’t.

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