With a simple method, WhatsApp users may read deleted messages.

Millions of people use WhatsApp to share everything from family news to confidential information.


One of the app’s most popular features is the ability to remove your mistakes.

The function has saved many an awkward moment, but it has now been found that those erased messages can be recovered.

So, if you thought your blunder had been erased for good, think again.


On both Apple and Android phones, there is a very simple way to obtain deleted messages

The deleted message remains on your phone and can be retrieved using WhatsApp’s backup feature.


The application backs up all of your messages, and users may choose whether they want their messages saved up daily, weekly, or monthly, or whether they don’t want them backed up at all.




To read a deleted message, you must first uninstall WhatsApp before reinstalling it. The programme will give you the option to restore chats from backup once you’ve logged back in.

Your deleted messages will be included in these chats.


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