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Solve your hair growth problem with these few simple yoga Asanas

As we all know how yoga can help us from many health problems, and regular practice of yoga also helps with coping up with stress and depression as well, but you will be shocked to know that yoga also helps us to cure skin and hair issues.

With the increase in pollution, hair fall is a common issue in youth. Here are some yoga Asana which can relay help you reduce hair fall problem and help in increasing hair growth

Yoga can really help in preventing hair loss

1 Kapalabhati

Kapalabhati comes from two sanskrit words kapala which means ‘skull’ and bhati , in sanskrit means ‘light’

It is a breathing yoga exercise which in many ways helps in removing and reducing toxicity from your head or ‘’ kapala’ , thus you help in better oxygen supply in the body enabling hair growth . it also help in reducing stress and anxiety which are a factor contributing to hair fall

2 Adho Mukha svanasana

Adho mukha Svanasana is mostly known as downward facing pose , which is also one of the twelve poses we perform during surya Namaskar . this yoga pose help in increasing the flow of blood in in your body which increase the oxygen reach in the scalp and thus help in the hair growth

3 Sarvangasana

Sarvangasaba is a full body exercise or a full body exercise. Different muscle groups are affected by this yoga pose . This yoga pose also helps in flow of oxygen, which again helps in better hair growth .

4 Vajrasana

The thunderbolt pose is a simple pose with powerful effects on your body. It directly deals with your stomach related issue of your body, which has a large part to play in the hair fall. Poor gut flora can result in thinning of hair, which may cause hair fall. This yoga pose helps to digest food in a good and fast way and keeps your digestive system healthy and strong, which is a must for thick hair.

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