YouTube’s history, source of income, do and don’t for your YouTube channel

YouTube is becoming common in our day-to-day life and there are like 2.3 billion YouTube users around the world as of 2020. Almost three hundred hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute and the number is continuing to  increase every day.

Almost 5 billion videos are watched  everyday using the internet on youtube .

Not only for entertainment but nowadays, YouTube is a great source of information and knowledge. People around the world nowadays are considering YouTube as a good career option. 

Knowing the past / history of YouTube 

In 2005 14th FEB YouTube a website where people can share their videos was registered by  Steven Chen, chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.  All three of them were former employees of PayPal. They started the website YouTube where  ordinary people can share their home videos worldwide.

YouTube is becoming common in our day-to-day life and there are like 2.3 billion YouTube users

YouTube Vlogger as a career.

As digital media has gained large popularity people have started taking interest in Youtube vlogging.  Famous vloggers from youtube celebrities  these day create a vlog about  there day or any such topic . 

With a smartphone, a computer and a little editing skills, anyone can open a YouTube channel and start YouTube vlogging.

 YouTube’s monetization terms/ rules / conditions

All you need is  1k YouTube subscriber, and 4 thousand valid public watch time in over a period of 12 months or a year, and you should be following  YouTube monetizing policies .and must have a Google AdSense account .

Top 5 most paid YouTube of 2021 are

  • Ryan’s world YouTube channel with a net worth of 80 million $ this is a toy review channel .
  • Dude perfect is another YouTube channel with net worth of about 50 million USD
  • Number 3 on this list is Pew die pie with the net worth of 40 million dollars

And if we talk about top 3 Indian most paid YouTube, they are

  • Bhuvan bam with the YouTube channel name BB ki Vines with over 20.4 million subscriber and a net worth of $3 million
  • at number 2 is Amit Bhadana with YouTube channel name same as ‘Amit bhadana ”’ with over 23 million subscribers and an earning of Rs 25lakh plus
  • Nisha Madhulika is 3rd in the list with 11.3 m YouTube subscriber

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